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  • Citigroup Litigation - Economiahoy/Reuters, October 15, 2014 (Spanish/English30 previous cases)

  • La Jornada: Citigroup amenazada con demanda de U$6 mil milones en EE.UULa empresa estadounidense estará cerrando representaciones en 11 países - La Jornada, October 16, 2014

  • Protecting the rights of waterfront property owners at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.--"Appalachian Power's regulation of lakefront property draws ire at Smith Mountain Lake." The Roanoke Times, October 17, 2014

  • “Residents sue over Sparrows Point pollution,”’ Baltimore Sun, August 9, 2012

  • Protecting the Residents of Baltimore from Pollution in the Sparrows Point Area.-“Furor at Steel at steel tycoon Rennert’s bankruptcy ‘ploy,’ New York Post, June 25, 2012

  • “Obama administration defends license to lawyer representing Sudan,” The Hill, December 22, 2011.

  • “GOP lawmaker calls on Geithner to repeal Sudan representation license," The Hill, December 15, 2011

  • “Un American Denonce des Ventes D’Armes De La France,” Paris Match, December 14, 2011.

  • Representation of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan. “Influence Industry: Sudan hires its first U.S. lawyer in years, prompting protests,” Washington Post, December 14, 2011.

  • Defense Contracting and French and Saudi Arabia Corruption.—Proceeding before the Commercial Court in Paris, France alleging breach of contract by a Saudi trading company, “The French Corruption: Defense Contract double-dealing could cost U.S. jobs,” The Washington Times, August 24, 2010.

  • Protecting the Residents of Baltimore from a Liquified Natural Gas Terminal.—Proceeding before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and U.S. courts to prevent placement of an LNG import terminal by AES Corp. at Sparrows Point, “Lawyer Asks Power Supplier to Withdraw LNG Proposal,” Baltimore Sun, May 13, 2006; “LNG Opponents Hire Attorney,” Dundalk, May 23, 2006; “U.S. attorney asked to stop LNG project,” Baltimore Sun, July 14, 2006; “LNG: Opponent has conflict of interest with dual roles,” Baltimore Examiner, October 19, 2006; “LNG Behind the Scenes,” East County Times, July 19, 2007; “Groups file LNG appeals, say decision was rushed,” Baltimore Sun, February 20, 2009; “Lawsuit seeks to scrap LNG terminal,” Baltimore Sun, February 13, 2010.

  • Dominican Republic.—Lawsuit against AES Corp. to recover damages from dumping of rock ash on beaches in the Dominican Republic, “Dominican Re. Seeks $80M for U.S. Dumping,” Associated Press, March 15, 2006; “Dominican Republic Suing Power Company AES Over Rockash Dumping,” Caribbean Investor, March 20, 2006; “AES to Pay $6 Million,” Washington Post, 2007.

  • Iraq.—Creation of the U.S.-Iraq Business Council, “K Street on the Tigris,” Mother, October 1, 2003; “Iraq Faces Up to $200B in Debt,” Associated Press, April 18, 2003.

  • White Marlin.—Section 301 case before the Office of the United States Trade Representative seeking trade sanctions to stop overfishing of the White Marlin. “Sport Fishermen Up in Arms About Europe’s Big Fish Rapacity,” Washington Post, October 20, 2002; “Governors Urge Action to Save Marlin,” Washington Post, October 4, 2002 “Fishy tale,” Legal Week, September 26, 2002.

  • Candles.--Department of Commerce Antidumping Case Involving Imports of Wax Candles from China, “Trade Deal Brings Renewed Light to a Chinese Candlemaker,” The Washington Post, November 17, 1999.

  • Intellectual Property Rights in China.--Representation of the American Chemical Society on Theft of Intellectual Property Rights in China, “Piracy Still Runs Rampant in China,” The Washington Post, March 27, 1998.

  • Uranium.--Expropriation of Uranium Mining Interest in Kazakhstan, “Kazakhstan President Hears About Uranium Deal,” The Washington Post, November 20, 1997; “World Wide Minerals’ fight with Kazakhstan may be ending,” The Rushford Report.

  • Computer Components.--Representation of Passive Electronics Coalition on Information Technology Agreement, “Incapacitating Charlene,” The Rushford Report, July, 1997.

  • The Gripes of Rath.—Representation of minority shareholders in Spang & Co., “Spang daughters fight back at patriarch with lawsuit,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 26, 1996; “Spang torpedoes former admiral’s bid,” Butler Eagle, May 22, 1996; “Spang shareholders charge abuse of power in attempt to oust Rath,” Pittsburgh Business Times, June 17-23, 1996.

  • Rice Trade with Iraq.--Freezing of Trade with Iraq, “Rocking Boat Over Iraqi Rice,” Legal Times, September 10, 1990; “Gulf Crisis Leaves Firm With Ship Full of Rice,” Washington Post, September 8, 1990.

  • Light Trucks, Vans, and Sport Utility Vehicles.—Proposed tariff reclassification of light trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles by the U.S. Treasury Department, “Auto Group Strongly Urges US To Stand Firm on Duty Increase,” The Journal of Commerce, January 24, 1989; “Lee Iacocca’s Bumpy Truck Ride: and Foreign-Car Lobby Outmanned Detroit Over Tariffs,” Legal Times, April 3, 1989.

  • Rice from Japan--Section 301 cases before the Office of the United States Trade Representative Involving U.S. Exports of Rice to Japan, “U.S. Rice Growers Criticize Japan,” The Journal of Commerce, September 11, 1986; “Japan closes rice market to imports; US millers want tariffs,” The Christian Science Monitor, September 11, 1986; “Bush Trade Stance Taken With a Grain of Rice,” Legal Times, September 19, 1988; “The Buck Stops Here,” Washington Trade Week, October 21, 1988.

  • Toner.--International Trade Commission Case Section 337 Case Involving Toner from Japan, “Canon Accused of Toner Monopoly,” Financial Times, July 17, 1986.

  • Fresh Atlantic Groundfish.--International Trade Commission and Department of Commerce Countervailing Duty Case Involving Imports of Fresh Atlantic Groundfish from Canada, “N.E. fish group sues for Canada tariffs,” The Boston Globe, August 10, 1985; “Duty Sought on Fish Imports,” Washington Post, August 6, 1985; “ITC rules N.E. fishermen are hurt by Canada,” The Boston Globe, September 12, 1985; “U.S. slaps duty on fresh fish from Canada,” The Standard-Times, New Bedford, MA, April 30, 1986.

  • Dried Salted Codfish.--International Trade Commission Antidumping Duty Case Involving Imports of Dried Salted Codfish from Canada, “6 East Coast fisheries get setback from U.S.” Toronto Globe and Mail, January 24, 1985; “Salt cod duty victory hailed as boost to NE countervail case,” Commercial Fisheries News, July, 1985.

  • Rice from Taiwan. Section 301 Case before the Office of the United States Trade Representative Involving U.S. Exports of Rice, “Rice Industry Urges Action Against Taiwan,” The Journal of Commerce, July 14, 1983.

  • Beer Imports from Mexico.--“Brewers Fighting Mexican Imports,” The Washington Post, October 6, 1982; “U.S. brewers win heady victory in import fight with Mexico, Missouri Times, April 4, 1983; “Beer Brouhaha Buck Stops With Reagan,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 10, 1983; “Duty-Free Imports Cut by $1.4 Billion,” New York Times, April 1, 1983.

  • Canned Mushrooms.--International Trade Commission Case under Section 406 of the Trade Act of 1974 Involving Imports of Mushrooms from China, “Trade Dispute Mushrooming with the Chinese,” The Washington Post, August 24, 1982; and “Mushrooms From China Get Approval,” December 1, 1982.

  • Regulation of U.S. Multinational Enterprises by the European Union.-- “Proposals Before EEC Alarm Multinationals,” The Washington Post, March 7, 1982.

  • Automobiles.--International Trade Commission Section 201 Case Involving Automobiles from Japan, “On the eve of Hearings on Auto Imports from Japan, All Parties Vie for Attention,” Wall Street Journal; “House Panel to Seek Legislative Solution to Auto Industry Problems at Hearings,” The Washington Post, November 12, 1980; and “Auto Import Curbs Rejects; Ford to Appeal,” Washington Star, November 12, 1980.

  • United States-Canada Border Broadcasting.—Section 301 case before the Office of the United States Trade Representative against Canada on behalf of 15 U.S. television stations, “American stations ask stiff retaliatory action against Canadian law,” Ottawa Citizen, June 25, 1980.

  • Diamonds.--Representation of the Diamond Monopoly of the State of Israel, “U.S. Rebuff to Israel on Diamonds,” The New York Times, May 28, 1980.

  • Fluorspar.—Testimony on duty suspension bill on fluorspar, “Tabasco Spices Senate Hearing on Tariff Pleas,” The Washington Post, August 1, 1978.


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